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The M.I.N.D Collective



What is it

The mind collective is for any restaurant, store, venue, or brand that supports the creative communities of Boston.

What do we aim to do

With the mind collective, we intend to unite all of the creative communities and resources in Boston. By coming together all across the city, we will be able to build a strong support system to enable creators to thrive.

What do collective members do?

A collective member can provide support in many ways. The most basic is having a creative’s piece of work on display for a month to provide exposure. The next level up, is throwing an event in their space to showcase local creatives. The highest level of support is providing sponsorship to fund creative projects.

What are the benefits of it?

The concept of “supporting creatives” is so broad that it allows multiple brands to get on board without losing their identity. By being part of this collective, every member is able to get exposure from all the other members in the collective through events at their locations, digital promotion, and our marketplace come this fall. We help stores, restaurants and brands maximize their exposure potential via this program. 

Artist: @keyjumpp

Artist: @keyjumpp



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