Why does it take

a catastrophe

for us to come together

as a community?


The tragedy

is that unity is only



It’s fleeting

and gone,

faster than

you can say Boston



It doesn’t take long for us to forget that

we all experience life


we each have a family

whether from birth or chosen through



Can you comprehend

what it would be like

if we were to extend that sense

of being sister and brothers

rather than seeing an enemy

In one another?



constantly fighting

to get just one extra inch ahead,

hold hands and move forward

as one



Can you imagine what kind of world

that would be?

you don’t have to imagine,

you can see and make that world

a reality.


We just all need to

come together as a global



Decide once and for all,

no more hate,

just love and equality.


What do you say?


Are you ready?